Dressing Clueless in the 21st century

Get ready for another blast from the past! The 1995 chick flick, Clueless is one of my all time favorite movies. Plus, it was made the year I was born ayyy! Cher is such a lovable character, and she truly grows throughout the movie. Although she is shallow and manipulative at first, she learns to do good without any ulterior motives. Of course, another thing to love about her is her wardrobe. What I found really interesting was how styles from 90’s pop culture are truly making a comeback. Here are some throwback styles that became trendy again.

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Soft grunge style for the fall

If you ask me, one of the biggest fashion tragedies is grunge never really taking off. It started in the 1980’s and peaked around the early 90’s. Silhouettes were androgynous and the entire vibe was very anti-fashion or anti-society. But everything old is new again! With the rise of oversize sweaters, midi skirts, and chokers, 21st century grunge is here to stay. Which is great for people like me who never quite grew out of their teenage aesthetic. This year, I dived straight into autumn with soft grunge. Here’s what I typically wear to be comfortable at work or hanging out over the weekends.

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Movies and documentaries every fashion girl can learn from

One of the only good parts of getting really sick is being able to nap all day and catch up with all the missed tv episodes. This time, instead of binge watching the entirety Game of Thrones I’ve been doing a lot of thinking (as senile as it sounds). Isn’t it crazy how our lives now are shaped by decisions we’ve made years ago? Four years ago, I decided not to be a doctor/lawyer/engineer and pursue my love for fashion and creativity. Continue reading “Movies and documentaries every fashion girl can learn from”

The old and new- Modern day fashion trends from My Fair Lady

This week’s post is another tribute to the past since I am such a fashion history junkie. If you have not seen the 1964 Film of My Fair Lady, featuring Audrey Hepburn, you’re seriously missing out. In the Edwardian London, Professor Higgins (a rich, but tactless phonetics expert), makes a bet that he can turn Eliza Doolittle (a young woman selling flowers with a strong Cockney accent) into a proper English speaking lady. The two get to work on Eliza being able to pass off as a duchess at the Embassy Ball. It’s witty, comedic, and it will tug your heartstrings. And not to mention the costumes! Oh god, the flamboyant, stunning, ornate costumes!! I can’t event begin to describe them! *ahem* Anyways, here are some modern day fashion trends that I find reminiscent of My Fair Lady. 

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Keys Learned from Coco Chanel – My Fashion Hero

As a lover of Fashion History, it’s in my blood to be inspired by designers of the past as well as the present. Earlier, I’ve written about a groundbreaking designer, Rei Kawabuko. This week is a tribute to one of the fairy godmothers of fashion Coco Chanel. Gabrielle Chanel was truly a timeless woman. What she stood for a century ago remains relevant today! As I always say, fashion is not just about clothes. It is expression, art, ideals, and philosophy. It shapes not just our bodies, but how we interact with the world. Here are four keys to live by that every creative lady can learn from Coco Chanel. Continue reading “Keys Learned from Coco Chanel – My Fashion Hero”

My fashion story (alternate title: so who is this girl?)

For years, I’ve been encouraged to start a blog about whatever it is I’m passionate about. You know the quote “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink?” The way I see it is that nobody would have fun doing something just because someone else said so.

I used to be scared of getting a lackluster reaction or, even worse, talking into the void. I still am, but I remember something a friend once said while I was having stage fright. When you’re doing something you love (for me, cosplay is one of them), think about it as simply sharing a part of you. When you perform to share yourself, things like “what if I get a bad response?” or “what if I mess this up” become secondary. So going along with that, my blog is simply me sharing what makes me happy- fashion and beauty trends. And I hope to see what you’re sharing about yourself too. Hopefully, I’m not just talking into the void here that we really will get to know one another.

My story of how I got into fashion is, no lie, something right out of a book. Imagine that weird little girl in school with the strange clothes and choppy haircut. Yep, that was me. Even in middle school, I knew I wasn’t “attractive” but I never considered myself to be bad-looking until a boy I liked called me unattractive behind my back. So cue a movie montage of me picking out my own clothes, refusing to let my parents cut my hair, picking up my first tube of lip gloss, and essentially going ham “re-vamping” myself. When I first went to a different high school than the rest of my classmates, it felt like I could be a much better version of myself just because I was called pretty for the first time. Looking back, it was pretty ridiculous to go off on such a rampage to change my appearance just because of what one guy said. And it was pretty unhealthy to base my worth off compliments from others. However, that’s when I realized the clothes and makeup we wear are more than what meets the eye.

Now let’s fast forward a few years to when it was time to decide what to do after high school. I applied to over 6 university programs and got accepted into nearly all of them. I finally decided to move to Montreal, take an arts program at a prestigious school there. The plans were made to leave Toronto and my mom told everyone about it. But suddenly, my offer for a fashion program in Toronto rolled in last minute, and that derailed everything. I had applied to so many programs, so many alternate choices, but I knew my future was here. In my grade, I was the only person among future engineers, pharmacists, doctors, and business people to choose fashion. I should’ve known I’d choose it when I fell in love with a Taiwanese drama about a stylist who changed the lives of women. I cried about 8 times watching that drama…and it was supposed to be a romcom.

So fast forward another few years and here I am- this girl on the internet who’s introducing her style blog. And even though it sounds super cheesy, I feel like there’s much more to come. Anyways, at the ripe age of 21, I’m starting my first legit space to make legit posts on legit fashion, which is wayyy overdue. But hey, it’s never too late to start something. And a year later, I’d wish I would have started today.

That’s a bit about me and my story. Anyways, actual posts about fashion will start shortly! One update a week sounds reasonable. I hope nobody’s thinking “darn it, I’ve been misled!”

*insert catchy good-bye line*